teeth whiteningTeeth whitening is a very popular treatment which we are pleased to offer at our clinic. We understand that patients can feel a lack of confidence over the color their teeth, which may be stained due to a number of reasons including:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol regularly
  • Natural genes
  • Regularly drinking red wine, coffee or other food or drink that stains the teeth
  • Medication
  • Illness
  • Poor dental hygiene

Everyone has a unique set of reasons for their teeth losing brightness. Our team isn’t here to judge those reasons, but instead, to ensure you can get the rejuvenated, bright, white smile you deserve using our professional whitening systems.

Your Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation with us is where we perform an assessment of your teeth and gums to check they are suitable for our whitening treatment. We will also make a record of your current tooth shade as a starting reference. The majority of patients are suitable for whitening treatments, but if there are any dental issues like gum disease or tooth decay we have to address those first before then enhancing your smile with the whitening process. Your health is always our top priority!

White Dental

At present we offer two professional teeth whitening systems which are both highly effective and produce impressive results; White Dental and Enlighten.

White Dental is an effective at-home whitening treatment which produces visible results in less than a week. There are four different bleach strengths to choose from to aid in shade selection, and the system is designed to work well even for sensitive teeth.

Visit One

During visit one (after your initial consultation) we take impressions of your teeth which are extremely accurate to ensure that the trays we make are unique to your gums and teeth and fit perfectly.

Visit Two

During visit two, usually a week after your first visit, we re-check your new custom trays and we show you how to place your whitening solution into them. We will also explain when to use the trays, how to care for them and how long to leave them in. Usually patients have the trays in for about two hours a night and notice a huge change after using the system for two weeks, with considerably whiter teeth at the end of the treatment.

enlighten whiteningEnlighten

Whereas White Dental does not provide a guaranteed shade, Enlighten does guarantee a shade of whiteness for the customers who use their system. This is through a design in their trays which makes them exceptionally effective in keeping the whitening solution in contact with the teeth. Their whitening solution is also exceptionally fresh and gets delivered to us on ice, and stored in our fridges, further enhancing the system’s effectiveness.

Visit One

During your first visit we will take accurate impressions of your teeth and then send them on to the Enlighten laboratories.

Visit Two

Around a fortnight after your first visit we check that your Enlighten trays are a close fit to your teeth. We will then explain to you how to place whitening solution into the trays and how to wear the trays and care for them. Usually you wear the trays every day overnight for two weeks and then you come into us for stage two of the treatment process.

Visit Three

During visit three we will complete the treatment with in-house whitening to ensure your teeth finish with the correct shade. You bring your whitening trays along with you during this visit.