general-dentistryEffective and professional routine dental services

Neilston Dental Surgery offers a range of general dentistry treatments to help ensure patients achieve and maintain optimum levels of oral health. Our exceptionally professional and friendly team, and the most up-to-date modern treatments, equipment and surgery mean we have everything you need to keep your oral health in check.

From baby’s first tooth to older patients requiring bespoke dentures, we are here to care for the whole family’s smiles.

Dental Check-ups

We recommend patients have a check-up with us every 6 months or as often as advised by their dentist, depending on individual needs. At Neilston Dental Surgery, we make sure each and every check-up is thorough and detailed so that where possible, dental issues are prevented, and future treatment is avoided.

During a dental check-up at our surgery, we promise to:

  • Check in with your oral health – we want to know if you have seen any changes to your oral health, like increased sensitivity or any loose teeth.
  • Check your general health – certain medications, health conditions or issues can change your oral health, or put you more at risk of oral problems.
  • Check in with your smile satisfaction – are there changes you would like to make to the appearance of your smile?
    Check your teeth for signs of decay – we will do a thorough check of your teeth to check for signs of tooth decay, including x-rays where required.
  • Check previous dental work – we will check restorations, fillings or other dental work to check it is still in good working order.
  • Check your gum health – we will check for signs of gum disease.
  • Check for tartar – we will look for tartar build-up on the teeth so that we can work with you on techniques to manage it effectively.
  • Check soft tissue – we check the soft tissues of the mouth to ensure they are healthy.
  • Check your jaw – we check your jaw to ensure it is healthy and isn’t causing you problems.
  • Check for signs of cancer – we will check for signs of oral cancer; early detection is key.

General Dentistry Treatments

Under the general dentistry umbrella, there are lots of different treatments we use to help you keep your smile looking and feeling fantastic. These treatments can prevent dental problems, maintain good oral health, strengthen and restore teeth. Fillings, for example, are used to repair a tooth that has decayed whereas a crown might be used where a tooth has sustained damage. Where a tooth cannot be saved, extraction may be necessary. These are just a few examples of course.

We have an extremely wide range of modern treatments and prevention and maintenance techniques to help patients enjoy their natural teeth for as long as possible. We may also combine general dentistry with restorative and cosmetic treatments, to ensure teeth remain functional and look great too!