At Neilston Dental Surgery we love creating beautiful, well fitting, natural-looking partial dentures.

We use the best materials and the most natural looking denture teeth for our bespoke partial dentures.

Every partial denture is unique and carefully planned to create comfortable, well-fitting and functioning, natural-looking partial dentures.

Why choose our bespoke partial dentures?

If you are missing some of your own teeth a partial denture is an excellent way of replacing those missing teeth. Our treatment philosophy is based on excellent research which demonstrates that the critical factor in keeping your own remaining teeth for as long as possible is by establishing and maintaining good gum health by having excellent plaque control.

Traditionally a simple plastic denture has been the partial denture of choice. However usually plastic dentures are unstable and have a poor appearance.  This may accelerate the further loss of your own natural teeth due to plastic dentures trapping a lot of food around them, which in turn increases your chance of gum disease and tooth decay.

More teeth in the UK are lost to gum disease than tooth decay so it is very important to keep your gums as healthy and in as good a condition as possible.

denturesBenefits of our bespoke partial dentures:

  • Very stable- almost like a removable bridge
  • Protect your own remaining teeth
  • Unique design to minimize any show of clasps
  • No plastic on the roof of your mouth
  • Hygienically designed- less food trapping usually can use interdental brushes with denture in place
  • The most natural looking teeth and gums
  • Adaptable – we can add teeth to your denture in the future.

What makes our partial dentures different?

The majority of our bespoke partial dentures are reinforced with a cobalt chromium framework. This strong metal allows the denture to be as small as possible while at the same time the metal is not normally visible.
It is ideal for people with gum disease to have dentures that not only fit well but also will not accelerate your gum disease causing further tooth loss. A well-fitting and hygienically designed partial denture will allow you to keep your own natural teeth for longer.

A lot of time and craftsmanship is required to create our bespoke partial dentures and we are confident this is reflected in our attention to detail and level of service.