Whilst we are proud to offer advanced procedures for patients missing several or all of their teeth, we also understand that some people only require the replacement of one tooth which they could have lost through injury or dental problems.

Other tooth replacement options like bridges and dentures are available for single missing teeth, but implants are considered by many to be much more effective, strong and very natural looking.

single implantSingle Dental Implants – The Benefits

You can have a single denture fitted, or indeed a bridge to replace a single missing tooth. However, those options tend to be less secure and they also do not replace the tooth root. This means that the adjacent teeth could collapse into the gap, eventually causing movement of several of your teeth. It also means the bone where the root once was, will deteriorate, eventually causing bone loss and a change in your facial appearance.

Bridges may also be problematic as they require preparation of the surrounding teeth, which means otherwise healthy teeth have to be adjusted. With a dental implant, the tooth root is effectively replaced and there is no need for work to be done on the surrounding teeth.

Single Implant Tooth Replacement

Placing a dental implant for single tooth replacement is done using local anaesthetic so that any pain is minimised; although the mouth can understandably feel slightly uncomfortable for a short period following the procedure. Following the appointment the implant has to bond with the jawbone, which can take several weeks.
A thorough initial consultation before treatment commences, will help determine the best procedure for your particular needs. For example, a crown may be attached directly after the implant has been placed, but it may be done later, after the implant has fully bonded to the jaw bone.

The Most Effective Treatment For Single Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are arguably the most natural and durable replacement for missing teeth and they can closely match any surrounding teeth, completing your smile and enhancing your confidence. With the right maintenance and cleaning plan from Neilston Dental, they can last you for decades; potentially much longer than any other tooth replacement treatment currently available.