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We love making beautiful, well fitting, natural looking high-quality complete dentures. We use the latest materials and the most natural denture teeth available for all our bespoke dentures.

Wearing complete dentures is not an ideal scenario for anyone and we understand that it can affect your confidence and ability to eat foods that you like. Most denture wearers usually just adapt to a set of poor ill-fitting dentures and it is surprising how a good quality set of dentures can improve your quality of life.

To make a good set of dentures requires considerable time, effort, attention to detail and a highly experienced technician.

Our bespoke high-quality dentures allow us to create the most comfortable fitting, best functioning, and most natural appearing dentures. Unlike standard dentures, our bespoke dentures require many hours of craftsmanship and the latest techniques and materials.

We are experienced in treating both straightforward and also more complex denture cases. Home visits are available for patients if required.


Unhappy with your dentures?

  • Do you have problems with your full dentures?
  • Do you want dentures that fit comfortably?
  • Would you like dentures that look just like natural healthy teeth?
  • Do you want less food underneath your dentures?

If the answer is yes we can help you!

Benefits of our bespoke dentures

  • Our dentures fit very accurately – we use the latest injection moulded acrylic for our denture bases. This means there is no shrinkage when the dentures are made compared to standard dentures, creating a very good fitting surface.
  • Increased suction and comfort
  • Very strong material
  • Less food trapping underneath your dentures
  • The most natural looking teeth and gums
  • Personalised as much or as little as you wish- e.g. gaps, twists, worn teeth etc.
  • Facial analysis – allows us to determine the ideal size, shape, position and the amount of teeth that will show when smiling
  • Photographic reference – Photographs provided by you from earlier times can be very helpful when planning the design of your new dentures. They provide a reference for how you used to look or even how you might want to change your appearance, wedding or school photos are excellent for this
  • Good bite– this allows you to chew as best as possible
  • FREE 1 hour consultation, this can be booked online – BOOK NOW 
  • We work with you to resolve your problems to achieve the best that can be achieved in your situation. We aim to minimise the chances of anyone knowing you are wearing dentures and at the same time give you your smile back!
  • You are in complete control of how your new dentures should look and we don’t finish your new dentures until you are completely happy with their appearance.

Our complete dentures services

  • Replacing your current dentures
  • Immediate full dentures – if you are currently wearing a partial denture and have been told/ or you think you need to have your remaining teeth removed then we can make an immediate (temporary/ transitional) full denture and fitted immediately after extracting your remaining teeth. This ensures you are never without teeth.
  • Denture stabilisation. We can stabilise your current or new dentures with a minimum of 2 dental implants. Read more about dental implants used to stabilise dentures.

Getting Your Very Own Set Of Bespoke Dentures

dentureThe process of designing and creating your bespoke dentures is a collaborative process. During your free one hour consultation:

  • We listen sympathetically to your dental and denture history.
  • We perform a thorough assessment of your mouth and gums and dentures (if you have any)
  • We take photos of yourself, your dentures (if any) and we take photos of any old photos you are able to bring with you.
  • We provide you with a written report of our consultation and treatment options.
  • FREE 1-hour consultation, book online – BOOK NOW