Neilston Dental Surgery is passionate about providing patients with high-quality, well-fitting, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing dentures. We are highly experienced in creating dentures of exceptional quality. Our team have worked hard to obtain these skills; sometimes travelling across the UK to gain the relevant knowledge and training needed to create bespoke dentures of the highest standard.

denturesUnhappy with your dentures?

  • Do you have problems with your full dentures or partial dentures?
  • Do you want dentures that fit comfortably?
  • Would you like dentures that look just like natural healthy teeth?
  • Do you want less food underneath your dentures?
  • Would you like great fitting dentures without dental implants?

If the answer is yes we can help you!

Bespoke Dentures Can Help You Smile Again!

Our bespoke denture service has been designed to help you regain your smile, and the confidence that goes with it. The beauty of the treatment plan is that you have complete control over what you want, and you can personalise your dentures in exceptional detail. We understand that some patients may not want to wear dentures, and you may have even had a bad experience with dentures previously.

Dental implants are the highest standard in tooth replacement, but they aren’t suited for everyone which is why we believe we have the very closest option in our bespoke denture service. Compared to previous experiences or expectations, patients are always surprised at exactly how much difference a well-fitting denture makes to their smile, and to their confidence levels.


Bespoke Dentures Made By Highly Esteemed Technicians

A great set of dentures can only be made with the assistance of a fantastic technician, which is why we work with a highly esteemed technician in the UK. Our dentures take hours of delicate craftsmanship in order to produce the natural and particularly realistic results that we are able to create. The high quality materials the dentures are made from are designed to be durable and comfortable and we only give our patients the very best there is to offer.

Getting Your Very Own Set Of Bespoke Dentures

dentureThe process of designing and creating your bespoke dentures is a collaborative process. During your free one hour consultation:

  • We listen sympathetically to your dental and denture history.
  • We will also do any X rays and diagnostics necessary for a complete view of your jaw and any remaining teeth.
  • We take photos of yourself, your dentures (if any) and we take photos of any old photos you are able to bring with you.
  • We provide you with a written report of our consultation and treatment options.

We will recommend teeth that are size and shape appropriate for you, teeth that we believe will look fantastic and feel fantastic. We do this by looking at pictures you bring in of your natural teeth. Seeing your original smile helps us to see the shape of your teeth, and how much of your teeth you showed when you smiled. We can also pick out other small details that will enhance the realistic nature of the dentures.

Along with our expert design recommendations, you may wish to have whiter teeth than nature gave you, or you may wish there was less gum on show. We can make those alterations for you so you’re not only getting bespoke dentures that replicate your old teeth, but you’re actually getting your dream smile. The result of our collaboration and the hard work of the technicians is dentures that look beautiful and that fit accurately and comfortably.

What To Bring To Your Consultation

denturesWhen you come to your consultation we recommend you bring with you the following:

  • Any previous sets of dentures
  • Any photos of you when you had your own teeth (ideally smiling pictures like on your wedding day)
  • A list of everything you want from your dentures

You can arrange a consultation with us by speaking to our friendly reception team who will be pleased to book an appointment at a time convenient to you. You can reach us on 0141 881 4382 and we look forward to helping you achieve the smile and mouth function you deserve with well-fitting comfortable dentures.