Modern dentures are a huge improvement overdentures that were available ten years ago and they can be a very effective option for tooth replacement. However, there is now a more innovative option available within modern dentistry, using dental implants to secure a full fixed bridge of teeth in place.

Understandably, some people still prefer their dentures, even though there can be a tendency for even the best versions to slip and become uncomfortable over time. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem, using implants to stabilise dentures and preventing movement within the mouth.

implant over dentureUsing Implants To Secure Your Dentures

By placing implants into the jaw we provide very firm anchors to hold your denture securely in place, giving the following benefits:

  • Enjoy a complete range of food, even “sticky” and harder items
  • No more reliance on denture fixative
  • Lose the fear of embarrassment – your dentures won’t slip
  • Helps prevent bone degradation and “sunken” appearance
  • Taste food better as the palate is not covered by your denture plate.

We can provide you with information on securing complete, partial or single dentures using dental implant technology.

No More Uncomfortable Dentures!

You don’t have to put up with dentures that are wobbly, uncomfortable, that change the way you speak or the way you eat. Please call the team at Neilston Dental to see how we can help, either with our revolutionary implant system to provide a permanent set of new teeth or using implants to stabilise dentures.