Treatment Information Fee Guide
General Dentistry
New patient examination- 45 mins £50
White Filling (depending on complexity) from £100
Silver Filling (depending on complexity) from £75
Root Canal Fillings (Tooth Dependant) from £350
Porcelain crown/ Veneer from £500
High aesthetic Emax crown/ veneer using master ceramist from £599
Onlay/inlay from £500
Bridges from £500 per unit
Extractions from £75
Sedation from £199
Scale/polish- 45 mins £75
Gum disease treatment from £300
Airflow (stain removing jet wash)
– Severely stained teeth may require more than one visit (20 mins)
£50 each
Boutique teeth whitening from £300
Enlighten from £499
Standard full upper or lower from £499
Standard full upper and lower from £800
Bespoke highest quality full upper OR lower from £1499
Bespoke highest quality full upper AND lower from £2950
Our bespoke full dentures incorporate all techniques required to achieve the best fit/ function and appearance. Includes “suction effect” techniques for lower. Fees include personalised natural denture teeth; and personalised gum tinting. We use the most natural denture teeth available and fee also includes using photos of yourself of when you had your own teeth to recreate nature as much as possible if requested, e.g. wedding or school photos.
Standard partial upper or lower chrome from £750
Bespoke highest quality partial upper or lower chrome from £2750
Our bespoke partial dentures are the gold standard in partial denture design. Designed to be the most stable, natural-looking and hygienic dentures that also protect your remaining teeth increasing their longevity. At your complimentary consultation, we will find out what you would really like, your previous problems and any limitations. We have many years of experience making complete and partial dentures.
Single implant and crown from £1950
3 tooth bridge (2 implants and 3 teeth) from £4500
Full upper implant retained denture from £6000
Full lower implant retained denture from £6000
Full Upper Implant-Retained Bridge from £13000
Full lower implant retained bridge from £13000
Bone graft from £300
Sinus augmentation from £995
Zygomatic full arch bridge from £18000
Before any treatment is undertaken, we provide you with an explanation and a written estimate of costs. We pride ourselves on the care of each patient as an individual.