teeth in a dayHere at Neilston Dental we work hard to be at the very forefront of modern dentistry, providing the most innovative and effective dental treatments available. ‘Teeth In A Day’ uses the ‘All On 4’ procedure which is a perfect example of the kind of treatment we are proud to offer. It is truly revolutionary and is designed so that some patients, if suitable, can have their teeth fully restored in just one day.

How Does All On 4 Work?

Previously, dentures, crowns and bridges were the main form of restorative dentistry available to replace teeth. Those options do effectively replace teeth, but they don’t replace the tooth root and they do not last as long or require as little maintenance as dental implants. Dental implants are designed to replace the tooth root and provide a secure anchor for a natural looking crown or fixed bridge. They look and feel as close to natural teeth as is currently possible and with ‘Teeth In A Day’, you may be able to have them placed in just one appointment.
All On 4 is a treatment system which allows patients to come into us and have complete arch teeth of teeth replaced in just a single visit. Four implants, placed at carefully calculated angles, are used as very solid anchors to support the full bridge of replacement teeth.

The Process

The process starts with a thorough assessment where we will undertake diagnostics and ask and answer questions to ensure the treatment is suitable for you. If you have suffered from bone loss, All On 4 may still be possible as special types of implants are available to overcome this.

Once the assessment is complete and you are approved for treatment, we will use the local anaesthetic to numb the area before treatment begins. Once the implants have been placed and are secure, the permanent bridge will be fixed in place and your new teeth and smile is complete! Understandably there will be some soreness directly after the procedure and a lighter diet will be necessary initially. However, you should soon be able to eat all types of foods once again.

As will all dental implants, aftercare with All On 4 is key so we will discuss check-ups and a personal care programme with you, to ensure your implants bond properly and have the best chance of lasting you for many years to come.