multiple dental implantsAt Neilston Dental Surgery we provide a number of options for replacing several missing teeth using modern implant technology. The type of implants needed can vary depending on where the missing teeth are. Sometimes aesthetics are the priority, such as where front teeth are missing, whereas sometimes it can be the chewing function of the mouth involving missing back teeth.

Every patient is different and the treatments we offer will be tailored to your needs to give you the best possible smile restoration. We may also provide you with several options provide different timescales and budget options.

Dental Implants – A Long-Lasting Solution To Missing Teeth

When more than one tooth needs replacing, dental implants are a great option for smile restoration because they provide a strong, natural looking foundation to which high-grade crowns can be attached. Unlike dentures, implants are designed to last decades, and there’s no need to remove them for cleaning either.

Different Implant Options For Effective Results

Several teeth can be replaced using dental implants. If several teeth are missing from an arch, we can add a bridge anchored to a few implants so that the tooth replacement is as strong and effective as possible. We will always use as few dental implants as possible to minimise invasive procedure time and to keep costs down.
We also offer the ‘All On 4’ treatment where we can replace a complete arch of teeth, sometimes in one session. So if most of the teeth are missing from one of your arches, it may be suitable to have the remaining ones extracted to make way for a full-arch replacement procedure. Please read more about this in our full-arch replacement section.